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Malaysia Soccer School for Kids

When deciding on a kids soccer school in Penang one of the main factors should be the coaches involved in delivering soccer lessons .

Roles of the Kids Football Coach

1st Aider
Social Worker

Skills and qualities of a good coach

First and foremost the coach should have a true passion for developing children of all abilities in not only football but social skills.

The beliefs, expectations and personal qualities will have influence on the style and method of coaching employed, however a commonality of knowledge and skills can be identified that underline and underpin quality and effective coaching. These include:

Teaching players how and when to use skills and techniques in football matches.

Asking appropriate questions, using demonstrations, providing clear explanations, active listening and observing what players do.

Improve performance through a progression of guided practices.

Actively leading and motivating players before, during and after training sessions & matches.

Promote fair play and maintain the spirit as well as the laws of the game.

The planning and preparation of sessions designed to meet the needs of the players under their supervision and ensure all the health safety aspects in doing so.

Motivate through being enthusiastic, encouraging and by setting SMART targets.

Delivering and controlling each coaching session to ensure safe practice.

Analysing and evaluating performances (both players and own) and guiding the appropriate progression and any remedial correction.

The organizational and administrative skills to ensure that all arrangements, paperwork and specific requirements are delivered accurately and on time.

Respecting the needs of individuals and treating all players fairly.

Developing their players’ independence by encouraging and not being afraid to let players contribute to a shared responsibility for their learning.

Developing individuals as people as well as footballers.

Adapt coaching style to meet individual needs of players.

Being able to develop a mutual trust, respect and commitment.

Positive recognition of achievement and progression, however small.

The ability to communicate effectively & clearly with players, officials, parents, coaches and any other people or organisation that has an interest in any of the players under your supervision.

Adhere to the FA, FACA  AFC and Sports Coach UK Codes of Practice.

Alongside these skills, personal qualities of enthusiasm, patience (with all players, particularly with children), open-mindedness, fairness, knowledge of the game, reliable, persuasive, responsive to changing needs, desire for on-going learning, confident, be able to empathise, non discriminatory and have a pride in personal appearance.