English Soccer School Penang - At a Location Near You - Kids (Boys and Girls) football lessons.


Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision:

  • Although I was born in the UK to Malaysian parents, I finally ended up full circle back home in the heart of Asia.
  • I was embedded in a football culture form an early age , the culture not only consisting of playing and participation , be it a spectator or coach
  • It was here that I realised realised that you didn’t need to be a well-known ex-footballer to develop football in the  or be associated with a Premier League franchise.


At ESS we encourage thinking outside- the “penalty-box’ while obeying the laws of the game and encouraging a healthy mix of locals and expats.

The buzzword is “inclusive”. Soccer brings people from all walks of life together, regardless of race, religion, social standing and nationality. ESS has cultivated such a culture with affordable, welcoming and rewarding soccer schools across the island.



Founder ESS